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UltraPlyTM TPO

The Firestone UltraPlyTM TPO roofing system was introduced in the early 1990s, demonstrating the company’s commitment to offer a complete line of high performing roofing solutions. Hundreds of millions of square metres of UltraPly TPO have been installed successfully worldwide from the cold of Canada to the heat and humidity of South East Asia. London’s Wembley Arena and Changi Airport in Singapore are among the iconic buildings to incorporate UltraPlyTM TPO roofing systems in their construction.

This roofing system is based on the light-coloured, environmentally friendly UltraPlyTM TPO (FPO) roofing membrane, and is ideal for use on flat and low slope commercial and industrial roofs. A scrim-reinforced membrane, it combines the flexibility of rubber with the heat-weldability of thermoplastic in a single,flexible sheet. Thermoplastic roofing membranes are among the fastest-growing commercial roofing products, thanks to their many performance and installation advantages. TPO stands for Thermoplastic PolyOlefin - the incorporation of ethylene propylene rubber into a polypropylene matrix, produced with a polyester weft inserted reinforcement. The sheets have excellent lay-flat characteristics.

- Ease of Installation: Firestone UltraPlyTM TPO membrane comes in white or grey, and is available in widths up to 3.05 metres and lengths up to 30.5 metres, providing fast, economical coverage. It is lightweight and offers a variety of installation options for low slope roofing, in both refurbishment and new construction projects. Its high-strength, hot-air welded seams allow for fast, economical installation with consistent seam quality. The top and bottom seams fuse together to form a homogenous bond, and the work can be done in a range of temperature conditions, allowing for installation around the year in most types of weather.

- Environmentally Friendly: An advantage of UltraPlyTM TPO membrane in hot climates is that the surface reflects sunlight before it can be absorbed and converted into heat energy, reducing the costs of cooling buildings and of course benefitting the environment. The membrane is chlorine-free, non-halogenated and plasticiser-free, and can be easily recycled, all of which add to its environmental strengths.

- Durability: The membrane has outstanding UV radiation and ozone resistance, as well as strong resistance to fungi growth and common rooftop chemicals, which add to its durability.

  • 20 year manufacturers product warranty available on epdm and tpo roofing systems.
  • Full manufacturers technical backup, including site visits, roof specifications and full bill of quantities as standard.

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